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Articles for Current Volume : (2018) Volume : 03

Sr.No. Title & Authors Name
1 Research Article : Newborn babies with tetanus in maternity children hospital
Makkah: - Center experience from its application to prevent in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(2018) Volume : 03,   Issue : 01 (Jan - Mar),   Year: 2018,   Pages:01-04,  
Authors: Najia Ahojaili*, Attia Saleh Al zahrani, Helal Al malki, Ibraheem Kotbi, Liza salam, Reem Batawi  
Saudi Arabia

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2 Research Article : Estimation of Saxagliptin hydrochloride and Dapagliflozin propendiol monohydrate in combined dosage form
(2018) Volume : 03,   Issue : 02 (Apr - Jun),   Year: 2018,   Pages:01-07,  
Authors: Asim M Suthar, Laxman M Prajapati, Amit K Joshi, Jimish R Patel, Mohammadali L Kharodiya  

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3 Research Article : Analytical method development and validation of Erlotinib hydrochloride in
bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form by RP-HPLC

(2018) Volume : 03,   Issue : 03 (Jul- Sep),   Year: 2018,   Pages:01-06,  
Authors: Amjad Ali Mohammad Iqbal, Mufassir Momin, Sarfaraz Khan, Firoz Khan  

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4 Review Article : A review on treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) by Naturopathy
(2018) Volume : 03,   Issue : 04 (Oct -Dec),   Year: 2018,   Pages:01-06,  
Authors: Ansari Vikhar Danish Ahmad, Nikhil S. Sakle, Swaroop R. Lahoti, Sarfaraz Khan, Syed Ayaz Ali  

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